our core beliefs


  • The Gospel is the reason we’re here on earth; living for the glory of God is the most satisfying pursuit there ever has been or will be.

  • Capturing life in a genuine, honest way (shooting with integrity) will always be more beautiful than fake, photoshopped, posed, pretend life.

  • Business should always be about loving people. A service based business should be about just that--serving others. If we fail at that, we have failed overall.

  • Weddings aren’t about the dress, the decor, the food, or anything else materialistic. They’re about a covenant, lifelong commitment and about two people promising to stand by each other in every situation and to choose each other always.

  • The pursuit of excellence is an integral part of everything we do; from the very first email to the delivery of product, conduct and work ethic on the actual wedding day, and everything in-between.

  • Everyone has a unique, important story to tell. All lives are rich and brimming with an individual beauty that cannot be replicated.

  • Beauty is everywhere, always; in the big, but also in the smallest, simplest, most organic of things.

  • One of our highest goals is for our clients to be seen, understood, and portrayed for who they really are.

  • Life is people. We believe that relationships are one of the most important things.