Big Talbot Island Engagement Session || Bradley & Breckyn

You know how Chris Pratt and Anna Faris are essentially #couplegoals and we all wish we could be like them? Well, Breckyn and Bradley actually are. They even have a combined nickname, B&B, like all of the best celeb couples (Breckyn also calls him "B-rad"). It's always great when our clients are celebrity look-a-likes and basically real-life models, but deeper than that, these two love each other in a way that's genuine and palpable. They were kind, hilarious, and totally went along with it when Mia pulled her phone out to play music and started dancing in the middle of the session (Which only sort of worked, because the waves made it so loud you couldn't hear much. But hey, they laughed, so it was still a win.) We love it when we a leave session feeling like we've made new friends, and that's exactly what Bradley and Breckyn have become. Hands down, this was one of our favorite sessions of 2015.