Tim & Laura || Rocky Mountains, CO || Engagement Session

Tim and Laura met in Germany last year when they were both working for a bible school called Bodenseehof. Laura had been working there on staff for 4 years after completing the school's one-year program as a student, but after prayer and consideration, she decided that her time in Germany had come to a close and made a decision to move back to the States. Enter Tim. He was the newest staff member at Bodenseehof, but making new friends was the last thing on Laura's mind. She was in the middle of saying goodbyes and preparing to leave her home of five years. After a few encounters, Tim was convinced that she hated him. Laura didn't hate him, but she wasn't moving mountains to build a friendship, either. It wasn't until a few weeks before Laura moved that she warmed up to him. After various encounters, they realized that they liked each other a lot. He liked her sense of humor. She was surprised to discover how many random interests they shared. They were passionate about a lot of the same things. But Laura was about to leave.

Quite the predicament, right? Tim had a decision to make, and though he knew what he wanted to do, he wasn't sure how great of an idea it was. First, would she be interested in something more than friendship? And even if she was, he was just settling into a yearlong commitment in Germany. Could they make a long-distance relationship work? They had only known each other for a month. Tim talked to a couple who also worked at the school (whom Laura was close with), and they told him, "Yes! You should go for it." So he decided to leave a flower on her doorstep, which led to asking her out, which led to an evening walk, which led to the question, "Will you be my girlfriend?" (she said yes) which led to the question, "Will you marry me?" almost a year later (she said yes again), which led us to this summer, in the mountains of Colorado, exploring the Rockies and taking their engagement photos. We're so excited to be part of their wedding next spring!