Zilker Clubhouse Wedding, Austin TX | Grif & Sara

Sara & Grif planned their wedding for what turned out to be a gray and dreary day in January, but the cold weather and drizzling rain stood no chance of dampening their spirits. After dating for seven years before getting engaged, and having to make the decision to re-schedule their wedding to a later date once they put a ring on it, nothing mattered except that they were finally getting married. When they discovered that rain was forecasted for the hour of the ceremony, they quickly moved the chairs into the small clubhouse, called every tent rental place in Austin and found the very last two available that weekend, and made it cozy and just as beautiful as before. 

You could see it in their eyes; when Sara walked down the aisle and saw Grif, everything else faded. As they exchanged rings, there may as well have been no one else in the room. Their kisses were kisses that said, "We've waited a long time to get to this moment." When they turned and faced their family and friends, Sara was beaming and tears rolled down Grif's cheeks. "We did it. We finally did it." An incredible amount of love and joy was present on their day. It doesn't hurt that they can throw a pretty crazy after-party, too—glowsticks and all. Grif & Sara, thank you for welcoming us in and immediately making us feel like old friends. Your day was a joy to be a part of, and we wish you all the best! 

A heartfelt thank you to Avery Earl Photography for the talent and assistance she contributed to their wedding day!