Jacksonville Wedding || Abhishek & Ashnah

Sometimes fairytales leave the realm of imagination and become a living, breathing, real-life story. Sometimes the quiet dreams you feel absurd vocalizing become your bright and vivid reality.  Sometimes (sometimes), the very person that you, as a child, found yourself hoping and wishing you would one day marry is the very same person who walks into your life years later to become that dream come true. This isn't everyone's story; in fact, it's one that belongs to few. Yet there was little girl in India who dreamed about marrying a little boy in her class at school. When she was a teenager, she moved to the States with her mother and younger brother, but over the years, she kept in contact with this little boy from her class. One day, they realized there might be more than friendship in their future. After a year of dating long-distance, he proposed, and she flew back to India for the engagement ceremony. Another year later, he flew to the States to marry her. This is the story of the day their dreams came true.