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I love || morning light hours, finding kindred spirits, the color blue, anything & everything C.S. Lewis, seeing people smile with their eyes, traveling, novels with a happy ending, exploring the unknown, finding out peoples' Myers-Briggs personality type, nights at the symphony, breathing in a moment, finding identity and worth in the power of Christ alone, original b+w prints, people-watching at airports, camping under starry skies, when people feel like home, poetry of the heartfelt kind, late night conversation, tight hugs, music played from the heart. 



I love || the Gospel, finding a perfect pen, windblown hair, logophilia, sautéing all of the things, the look people give me when I tell them that I'm 50% Dominican, minimalism, green tea lattes, blasting car speakers to absurd volumes, my mother's homemade quiche, early morning runs, theology, mountain air,  psychoanalyzing people, playing the piano after a long day, everything about the 90's, melancholy foreign films, the sovereignty of God, black coffee, bass notes, spontaneity, Gilmore Girls, classical music, the app, sarcasm, acoustic concerts, the key of E minor. 


I love || the unshakable grounding of God's Word, the Atlantic Coast, heart-to-hearts with dear friends, long road trips, (basically anywhere), "inventive” baking, thrifting, hospitality, the overwhelming power of our Savior's grace, camaraderie with fellow creatives, rooibos loose-leaf, entrepreneurialism, the great outdoors, crisp fall air, creative writing, Audrey Hepburn films, eating greens, all things artsy, family, ultimate frisbee, overseas + multicultural experiences, visual storytelling, forever resting in my anthem and life-breath, the Gospel.